Thursday, September 30, 2004


Into the Gagosian
A falcon perched
Upside-down, lilacs
Blooming unscented
The shiny steel of
A blank industrial
Landscape peering
From between thin
Trunks in an Aspen
Grove, back outside
On Madison Ave.
Having been stood
Up for a meeting
I head for the park
Miniature boats
Sailing lazily about
Ducks making silent
Wake behind each
Other, a towering
Foreign woman
Without bra, arm
Swung around some
Displeased hunk
Who even takes
The time to scowl
At yours truly, poet
Of the upper east
Side, at least for
The next twenty
Minutes, a child
Carrying a bear
Trips on an uneven
Patch of cobble
And miraculously
Lands with her face
On the unwitting
Animal, there is
A hot dog in my
Future, although
The general lack
Of relish angers
Me to no end

1 comment:

New Agey No Friends said...

you FUCKING LOVE relish.