Thursday, September 09, 2004


Clinton in hospital
Hurricane Ivan wetting
New York, here
I am in Cincinnati
Eating Corn Nuts
Across the aisle
From, I kid you not
Srgt. Deatherage
Would that I were
Joking this Tuesday
Evening, fresh
From the smoking
Lounge, crossword
Half done, halfway
Home, a towheaded
Child stumbling
In delirious circles
Much as I was wont
To do as a child
My own hair light
As sugar, limbs
Equally restless
As even now I find
Myself squirming
CNN billowing fuzz
A Duty-Free Shoppe
Hawking perfume
The flight delayed
Then cancelled
My eyes weary
Of reading, head
Reeling from the
Blood this country
Has reaped by its
Greed, Howard
Zinn’s People’s
History of the U.S.

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