Wednesday, September 01, 2004


This Tuesday a movie
Hummingbirds I kid not
A man in an orange hat
Quiet with a shovel
The woman at the podium
A scar grimly bisecting
Her mouth, the drone
Of lively insects, a cup
Of coffee horizontal
On the table, motorcycle
And then none, no
Water humbly animating
The ditch, clouds
Gargantuan yet without
Threat, twitching green
Finches scattered through
The darker quills of the
PiƱon tree, a passerby
Obliviously brushing
Crumbs from his lap
As the shapely legs
Of a beautiful woman
Enter the bookstore & I
Am no passive observer
Eye overwhelmed by
Countless peptides
The absence of sirens
Goes mostly unnoticed
The ghost of a tag
Lingers breathlessly
Against the adobe wall
Nothing is without
Its dazzling modicum
Of interest & that is
Merely the title sequence

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