Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Entered bodega
Just in time
To see man on TV
Kicked in the head
By horse, bought
A diet Pepsi, it’s
Tuesday again, I’m
Headed to the movies
Where I intend to
Pay for one, sneak
Into another, Lord
Do I love movies
Especially Herzog’s
As the clouds begin
To gather, waiting
On a pretty girl in
Sara D. Roosevelt
Park, desperately
In need of another
Haircut, the back
Of my neck gone
Fuzzy, much like
These curious trees
Their leaves turning
Bronze as October
Slowly approaches
A curtain of dust
Flung into the air
By the throes of
Construction across
The street, basketball
Courts abandoned
Benches peeling
Much like the trees
You will have to
Excuse me for this
Somewhat abrupt
Adieu, I still have
A sandwich to eat
Before the movie

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