Sunday, November 27, 2005

"I indolently excerpt"

we live amid

The immediacies
As the temperature lowers my lids
Seem to also, I see less

The world contracts
And ideas slide like dress
Shoes across

The frictionless
Ice, making one almost
Nostalgic for sweat

A distorted buckling in the Path
Train plastic windows
Becomes almost prophetic

As lady and I slink
To New Jersey
For sushi and a glass of Spanish

Champagne, my head feels
Like bourbon, my nose
Like a pomegranate, in this density

I indolently excerpt
Portions of the skyline
To forcibly imbue

With sense and sometimes
I find the inhuman eye that lets
Things be, being being

Such a concussive set of castoff
Suffrages, much raging
Never punctures the skin or does

So only as a means
To treat threat
Like a balloon, I wake in

A strange bed beside the hum
Of electronics, my hand
On a feverish leg, the suburbs busy

With food and we’re already
Unabashed as for each tremulous
Step there exists

A pivoting fan of vectors
To refract and continue, last week
I found myself without irony

Helping an old lady cross
Third Avenue, she feared she
Would be blown

Over by the wind and why
Not, even should
The beauty of the world shine

Forth like a mountain
Of snow I would
See it famed into crystals

Each piece duly piercing
Its own consequent

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