Saturday, November 05, 2005


I don't know how long, but for the next section of ill-defined time, I will be posting selections from a long poem I've tentatively entitled Disequilibrium. My understanding of that term is initially related to Piaget's concept of it, disequilibrium being that disconcerting space where you face novel information and must find a way to make it useful to you. It was his conviction that it was only by maneuvering through this space that we truly learned anything. I also feel the world to be a complex of systems striving for an equilibrium that may, in the end, be a specious concept. As you may have noticed, not much writing is happening for me in the way of poetry these days, but with this new work spinning into the darkness, I have hope there will be more.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant and equalibrium is specious.