Saturday, September 10, 2005


If I contain a likeliness
There is no dead
Of night, my immensities gather

Breath around them like bulky nuclei
Harvesting paths, the sun nearly
Always recognizes my hair, the cat

That arises from beneath
The bed is no longer
Ambivalent and wrongdoing does

Instruct as each particle arrives struck
By an intuition of wholeness, I
Interfere until I can span as enthusiastic

The day as dark, I desire to indulge
My feelings unto matter, perhaps to loose
The folds of this waking

Into film as the eye
Cameras through a complex
Act of awareness, you

Don’t have to wait
Until you die to reconcile the variegated
Guesswork of experience or question

The possibility of the question, so
I listen as an unknown
Source of animation kicks a soup

Can down the avenue wondering
If it appreciates
The interruptions of clunk

How they penetrate
An otherwise
Dull continuity or work

Their way into dreams, I dream
Of brand names, suspend
Myself in the protracted plummet

From sky to sky, lay
With tigers and sometimes I sing
To keep from cursing, braced

By the tedious pangs
Of incarnation, but it wasn’t always
This way, I once secreted

My name within the idea
My name became, allowed the magic
Of talk to ricochet

Like a bullet into the entire
Future before folding
Itself through its own beginning

As flesh alone dissolves
Any thoughtful stab
At purity, there is no manner

I wish to absorb
Nor a shape this veering attempts
To conclude, I have dust

To remind me of myself, a cacophony
Of dishonored steps to take
No notice of, there is a church

In California that I hold
In my head and its thick-tongued
Towers toll without

My being there as my being
Ebbs only to erupt
In directionless code, I was born

Into The West and the joy
Of unintelligibility or I was born
Into fluorescence

And the hands of a stranger, I will inhabit
Abstraction or inhibit it, as
The vanishing point of my mouth

Explodes, proffering
The air with tiny quarrels
Of self, I either writhe

In the baptism of ether or
Soberly find myself
Happening ceaselessly, these

Are the uncertain occupations
Of an object in the act
Of appearing, it is now

Time to consider your own.

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