Friday, May 13, 2005


To fix it.
To save it.
To undo it.
To dread it.
To put it off.
To dress it up.
To cover it up.
To pin it down.
To strip it bare.
To see it ruined.
To let it atrophy.
To secret it away.
To tell how it was.
To choose it twice.
To imagine it done.
To whisper in its ear.
To know what it isn’t.
To render it abstractly.
To knowingly ignore it.
To treasure its opposite.
To say it for the last time.
To get to the bottom of it.
To know only its reflection.
To refuse to ever do it again.
To feel it when it’s not there.
To know and to do it anyways.
To act like it’s never happened.
To meet it head-on at full speed.
To say it looks like something else.
To describe it wholly from memory.
To become merely another part of it.
To work through the possibilities of it.
To erase even an unknown quantity of it.


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