Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Subway early, first
Real sun somewhere
Above, so much hair
Mussed like stacks
Of frozen candles
Terror on the decline
Sunglasses on one’s
Head, I am headed
Home to Brooklyn to
“make big decisions”
If I can see my way
To them through the
Congested minutia
Of living as the train
Bursts from tunnel
Into light, graffitied
Roofs, demolishing
Machines stirring
Rubble, a teenager
Sleeping, all of us
Now stalled as a G
Passes ahead, there
Was a time when
I laughed the horror
Of choices off, sat
Around convinced
That the universe
Worked, now that
I know it doesn’t
I’m also pretty sure
It’s the same thing
Scraggly arms reads
Neckface, intercom
Mumbles, the sun
Refuses to abate
Streams of it slice
The car, in my ears
Tyrannosaurus Rex
The landscape jars
As we are in motion
Once again and once
Again I find myself
Suddenly tickled
By the absurdities

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