Tuesday, March 22, 2005


John_____, a flamboyant vehicle
Of dissolution, died last
Night of undisclosed videotapes
After grappling for years
With a muscle car. Teenage
Starlet troubles had long siphoned
His interest in the San Diego
Chargers, a dream he first
Bean-counted as the third wife
Of a super, super lucky response
To dress code. Mr.______
Was always revered for his concern
With wristwatch irregularities
At the managerial level, often
Shedding large parts
Of the country’s largest working-class
Sideburns. Subsequent
To an unorthodox, 9 million
Dollar jazz saxophone, Mr._____
Remained open to quietly self-promoting
His own cocaine showroom. “John’s
Attitude was always jet
Black. He said he wanted people’s eyes
To stainlessly violate a golf course
In Bedminster.” These are the words
Of his brother Chuck-Jim, who
Added, “You can’t dismiss his unwritten
Opposition to the ‘Back to the Future’
Movies.” It was this flair for
Refurbishing British industrialism
That Johnny Carson cited as inspiring
His unbuttoned-to-the-navel look.
John_____ is survived by a jury
In Los Angeles overheard declaring
50 pounds of a supermodel
To help recognize the contributions
He made to realizing 1982.

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