Saturday, January 22, 2005


It’s not their fault, really.
It’s how they were programmed.
Programmed in an epoch that hasn’t yet come to pass.
I mean eons from now.
So they were sent backwards through a time portal.
A journey of major pyrotechnic significance.
Blinding, in fact.
Which is why it was necessary to send robots.
Shadow robots.
They arrived this morning around 5am.
With neutral metal looks on their faces.
Accompanied by tremors.
Dispassionately intent on carrying out the orders of a jealous alien lord.
Which is why I say it’s not their fault.
They were made for this, manufactured.
Made to creep with fantastic proficiency.
By which I mean to say you’ll never see them coming.
A fact that should actually comfort you somewhat.
Because there’s really nothing you can do.
Life’s like that, you know?
So just try and enjoy yourself.

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