Wednesday, December 01, 2004

BECAUSE I OWN THIS RIFLE after William Faulkner

Because I own this rifle
Because I own blood
Because I own my arms and legs
Because I own bones superior to yours
Because I own this blood in my arms
Because I own superior legs
Because I own the bones of this rifle
Because they are superior
I have arms befitting a superior rifle of bones
I have blood because it is superior to yours
I have your legs and arms and bones
And blood because I own them
My blood befits a man who owns a superior rifle
My blood is superior because of the way it owns you
My blood is a series of gleaming white bones
My blood runs thick in its owning
My legs run superior in the fields that they own
My arms dangle from the hammock because they are superior
My feet are superior because they do not wear shoes
My blood does not need shoes because it is superior
My gleaming white bones run thick with blood
My blood will not enter the fields because it is superior
The fields I own because I need not move from the hammock
The hammock is superior because it holds my bones
The rifle is a hammock that desires blood
The arms that hang from this hammock were born to hold superior rifles
Born to own what they shoot
My dangling arms are a way of desiring blood
My blood is desirable because it owns the bones of others
My afternoon is desirable because it does not need shoes
I am fighting you with my desire not to wear shoes
I am fighting the blood and bones of the field with my hammock
I am superior because I fight with a hammock that holds bones
I am superior to you because I can fight without shoes
I am superior to you because I do not move all afternoon
I am superior because others desire my blood
You desire my blood
You desire my gleaming bones because they are superior
You desire to run in my shoes with my superior legs
To run like blood through the fields I own
Because I own this rifle
My arms and legs and blood and bones are superior to yours

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