Thursday, October 28, 2004


In the scrap yard
Beneath the train
Among the wreck
A tremendous arm
Drags languorously
I have a head cold
And one stopped
Up nasal passage
I can’t finish this
Simple crossword
As a Hasidic man
With a frayed tie
Sits on an orange
Seat sleeping like
A baby scratching
Himself unawares
It’s only eleven
But I’ve finished
My day’s teaching
Am headed home
To A Clockwork
Orange or Todd
Solondz’s movie
Storytelling which
Has been deemed
Unwatchable by
My usual partners
My nasal passage
Slowly unclogging
As the other builds
Arriving home to
My sister leaving
No tea just lemon
In scalding water
My ears perk to
Frantic meowing
From down below
Meaning the cats
Are in the airshaft
Meaning someone
Left the bathroom
Door open again

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